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Employment Lawyer Barbara E. Figari Practice Areas

A comprehensive Employment Law Office, the Pasadena Law Firm of Attorney Barbara E. Figari represents clients in a broad spectrum of highly complex employment matters, including:

Disability Discrimination – Cases based on discriminatory conduct due to an individual’s physical or mental disability that is deemed illegal under both Federal & State Law, and consists of:

Refusal to Interview for a Position upon Learning of the Potential Employee’s Disability

Failure to Promote without Just Cause

Demoting without Just Cause

Failure to Make Reasonable Accommodations to Allow for Medical or Psychological Treatment

Failure to Provide an Accessible Workspace

Refusal to Make Reasonable Accommodations that will allow the Employee to Carry Out Their Job Duties

Refusal to Provide Employee Benefits to which Other Employees are Entitled or Receive

Refusal to Provide Training for Company Advancement

Terminating Employment Because of an Employee’s Disability

Workplace Harassment such as Making Disparaging Remarks about the Employee’s Disability

Should you have reason to believe that you have been the victim of Disability Discrimination, Pasadena Employment Lawyer Barbara Figari will meet with you for a free, in-depth case analysis to determine if you have a viable cause of action against your current or former employer.

Employer Retaliation – Employer Retaliation covers a wide range of conduct arising as a result of asserting a legal right, such as harassment, demotions, reduction in hours, and terminating employment. Typically, Employer Retaliation takes place after an employee engages in the following:Pasadena Empolyer Retaliation Attorney

Alerts OSHA Regarding Hazardous Workplace Conditions

Becomes Injured on the Job and Applies for Workers Compensation

Files a Sexual Harassment Complaint with HR

Files a Workplace Discrimination Complaint with HR

Makes a Wage or Overtime Complaint to the Labor Board

Provides Testimony against Their Employer during Litigation

Reports Fraud or Illegal Conduct in the Workplace

Whistleblower Claims

Although by no means is this a comprehensive list, the above actions are prime examples of employee actions that generally result in retaliatory behavior.

Employment Class Actions – Class Action Lawsuits are generally brought against an Employer who has engaged in continuous and ongoing wrongful behavior against a large number of their employees. Examples of Causes of Action which merit filing a Class Action Lawsuit include but aren’t limited to the following:Pasadena Employment Class Action Attorney

Discriminatory Policies and Procedures

Employee Misclassification

Independent Contractor Misclassification

Meal & Rest Break Violations

Systematic Failure to Promote a Specific Class of Individuals

Wage & Overtime Violations

If you believe that you and your co-workers have been subjected to wrongful conduct and want information about bringing a class action lawsuit against your employer, please contact Pasadena Employment Attorney Barbara E. Figari by calling (626) 486-2620 to schedule a free in-office consultation.

Hiring & Severance Contracts – At the Figari Law Firm, Pasadena Employment Lawyer Barbara E. Figari assists employees and potential employees in employment and severance contract negotiations. We will fight to ensure that you receive the most favorable employment or severance terms possible!

Medical & Family Leave Violations – Federal and State Laws provide protection for qualifying employees who need to take Medical or Family Leave due to personal illness, the illness of a close family member, or the birth or adoption of a baby. If your employer is refusing to grant you Family or Medical Leave, contact a Pasadena Employment Attorney at The Figari Law Firm today to learn if your employer has wrongfully denied you the right to take leave.

Sexual Harassment – Deemed a form of Workplace Discrimination based on Gender, Sexual Harassment is treated quite seriously by the judicial system. An insidious form of Harassment and Discrimination, Sexual Harassment at the Workplace takes numerous forms, and may be carried out by co-workers, bosses, directors, managers, and third party vendors who deal with the employer on a regular basis. Pasadena Sexual Harassment Attorney

Examples of Sexual Harassment include but are by no means limited to the following conduct:

Demanding Sexual Acts in Exchange for Job Perks

Threatening to Fire, Demote or Reduce Benefits if an Employee Refuses Sexual Advances

Displaying Pornographic Material, including the Dissemination of Sexually Graphic Photos, Videos, or Jokes

Sexual Assault

Making Comments about an Employee’s Sexuality

Making Comments about an Employee’s Chosen Style of Dress

Spreading False Rumors about having engaged in Sexual Acts with a Co-Worker

Inappropriately Touching

Sexual Leering

A single incident of Sexual Harassment is not enough to bring a lawsuit against those responsible. The Harassment must be continuous and on-going to successfully bring a case and hold the responsible parties financially liable for your pain and suffering.

Pasadena Employment Law Attorney Barbara E. Figari has successfully represented numerous clients in Sexual Harassment lawsuits. If you are being Sexually Harassed at work, please call (626) 486-2620 as soon as possible so we can begin working on your case and helping you regain your self-esteem. Pasadena Wage and Overtime Dispute Attorney

Wages & Overtime Disputes – California Law requires that non-salaried employees be compensated in accordance with the State’s minimum wage laws for all hours worked. Overtime Laws vary according to the number of hours worked in either a single shift or a specific number of days in a row. Under the law, employees must be paid in a timely manner and must receive their overtime wages in their next regular paycheck.

These laws also dictate when an employee who quits or is terminated must receive their final paycheck. For additional information regarding Wage & Overtime Laws and potential disputes, contact Pasadena Employment Lawyer Barbara E. Figari and The Figari Law Firm at (626) 486-2620 to schedule your complimentary in-office consultation.

Whistleblower Cases - Whistleblower Laws were designed to provide an avenue for employees to turn in their employers for fraudulent and / or illegal conduct without fear of workplace retaliation. Retaliation may include harassment, making the workplace environment so unpleasant that the employee has no choice but to quit (known as constructive termination), reducing pay, reducing hours, a demotion in job position, and outright termination.

Workplace Discrimination & Harassment – Pursuant to State & Federal Laws, employees are protected against Workplace Discrimination & Harassment based on being a member of a protected class of individuals.

The following forms of Workplace Discrimination are prohibited under the law, and may be punishable by extensive fines and monetary compensation:

Age Discrimination (Must be 40+ Years of Age)Pasadena Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Gender (Including Sexual Harassment of Male or Female Employees)


Country of Origin

Illness or Pregnancy

Racial Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Sexual Preference

Discriminatory actions include but are not limited to pervasive harassment, termination of employment, refusal to hire, refusal to provide merit increases in pay or merit bonuses, failure to promote, and the denial of regular benefits.  

Wrongful Termination– California is a right to work state, otherwise known as an “at-will employment” state. This means that either party may terminate the employment relationship without cause.

However, when an employer terminates an employee for any of the reasons stated above, including retaliatory termination for asserting a legal right, bringing to light unlawful practices and policies, discrimination, refusal to make reasonable accommodations for mental & physically disabled employees, or any other type of discrimination, a cause of action based on wrongful termination may arise.

These cases are extremely complex and require the skills of a highly experienced and knowledgeable Employment Law Attorney. If you believe that you have been the victim of wrongful termination, contact Pasadena Employment Lawyer Barbara Figari immediately by calling (626) 486-2620. Failure to bring legal action within the statutorily required timeframe will result in the permanent loss of your right to recover damages for the harms that you hPasadena Elder Law Attorneyave suffered.

Elder Law – In addition to providing aggressive representation to Plaintiff Employees, Pasadena Attorney Barbara E. Figari and The Figari Law Firm also offer zealous legal representation and advice to the elderly who have suffered both physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse at the hands of caregivers. We also fight tenaciously on behalf of family members whose elderly loved ones have been the victims of abuse, negligent care, and wrongful death by professional caregivers and in licensed care facilities.

All Elder Law Abuse matters will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

If you suspect that your loved one is the victim of Elder Abuse, or if you are Elderly and have been abused, do not wait to contact a caring, qualified Elder Law Attorney. Ms. Figari’s primary goal is to obtain justice for Elderly victims and their loved ones. Please contact The Figari Law Firm at (626) 486-2620 so we can take immediate measures to move your loved one out of harm’s way and bring legal action for monetary compensation and damages for all harms suffered.

Contact a Pasadena Employment Law Firm Today for a Free Consultation

Proudly representing clients in Pasadena and throughout the surrounding communities, Attorney Barbara E. Figari has earned a reputation as a seasoned negotiator and tenacious litigator. You don’t have to let your employer take advantage of you, discriminate against you, or be victimized by your co-workers.

Please complete our Employment Law Case Evaluation Form and we will contact you once your information has been received.

For immediate assistance and to schedule your free, comprehensive consultation and case analysis, call (626) 486-2620. After thoroughly reviewing your case, should we determine that you have a legitimate cause of action against your employer and you choose to retain Pasadena Employment Attorney Barbara Figari, we will immediately begin working on your case and formulating a strategy for success.

Pasadena Employment Attorney Barbara E. Figari and The Figari Law Firm work diligently to protect the rights of workers throughout California. A highly experienced, caring and aggressive Pasadena Employment Lawyer, Ms. Figari always puts the needs of her clients above all else. She will handle each and every aspect of your case, and will never turn your case over to a paralegal or an attorney with lesser experience.

Zealously fighting for Employment Law clients in Pasadena and the surrounding communities, Attorney Barbara E. Figari is a skilled negotiator and seasoned litigator. If your current or former employer refuses to actively participate in settlement negotiations, Pasadena Employment Lawyer Barbara E. Figari possesses the courtroom savvy required to successfully litigate your dispute.

Whether you are an employee who has been discriminated against, are being subjected to retaliatory behavior, or are continually being harassed at work and your employer refuses to take the steps required to end this unacceptable conduct, Pasadena Employment Attorney Barbara E. Figari can help you!

Our law firm not only strives to obtain monetary damages for the harms suffered, but also helps you regain your dignity and move forward!  Please contact a Pasadena Employment Lawyer by calling (626) 486-2620 to make an appointment for a free, confidential in-office consultation.

Ms. Figari takes great pride in maintaining excellent client communication. All concerns will be addressed immediately, and we will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of all of your options to enable you to make intelligent, educated decisions.

Most Employment Law matters are taken on contingency. Please call for additional information.  

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